Merit Badge Counselors – Reregistration

All Merit badge counselor registrations are good for one year from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the next.  Before each new registration year, the council is required to contact each merit badge counselor to determine if they wish to continue serving as a counselor for the coming year.  This process is called reregistration.    

District Merit Badge Deans start working on reregistration in April or May, but you don’t need to wait to be contacted to begin getting ready for this year’s reregistration.  

Preparation Steps

1) Ensure that your account is linked to Connecticut Rivers Council.

See: Link your Member ID to Connecticut Rivers Council in

2) Ensure that your Youth Protection Training expires  ON OR AFTER August 1st of the current year.

See: Verify Active YPT and Print or Download Completion Certificate

Having  active (not expired) Youth Protection Training is a requirement for reregistration.  Since the registration year starts on July 1st, we’ve chosen August 1st of the current year as the YPT cutoff date for reregistration.  If your YPT expires BEFORE August 1st of this year, you will need to retake Youth Protection Training in order to reregister as a merit badge counselor.

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your Youth Protection Training current at all times.  You must not let your YPT expire during the time you are a registered merit badge counselor.  

Although not required, you may want to get in the habit of taking Youth Protection Training every year between January and April/May.  If you do this, your YPT will always be current for the entire time you’re registered as a counselor and you can use the annual reregistration event as a reminder to retake this important training.