Link Your Account To Our Council

Everyone who has taken Youth Protection Training (YPT) online has a account.  Associating your member id to our council in your account allows us to access the date you last took Youth Protection Training.  It may also enable additional capabilities in, based on your role within the council.

Follow the steps below to associate your member id to our council or to verify an existing association:

1) Login to your account.

2) Click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner and then click on Manage Member ID.

3) After clicking on Manage Member ID, you should see a screen similar to the one shown below. 

a) Any existing associations are shown as cards on the bottom on the screen.  You can use this information to verify an existing association.

b) To make a new association, do the following:

i) Click on the drop down box and select, Connecticut Rivers Council, BSA 066, East Hartford from the list of councils as shown below.

ii) Enter your Member ID in the Member ID field.

iii) Press the Add Member ID button.

c) Select one of the associations as your “Primary” association.  You can only have one primary association.  This association controls your security settings within my.scouting and may allow you to access more features in the Menu, based on your position within the selected council.