Recruiting Tools

We have worked hard to provide units with recruiting assets at an affordable price.  We have physical recruiting tools for units to use for your next big recruiting event.  From pop-ups to mobile billboards we have got attractive resources for your unit.  We want your unit to grow this fall and we are here to help you do that. 

Recruiting Booth Kits

Need something that pops, but doesn’t take up too much space? 5 kits available, each containing a table cloth, pop-up banner, t-shirts, flyers, yard signs, stickers, small activities, and more. These are available at no cost, but require a $50 refundable deposit.

BSA-Branded Canopies

Need some shade at your recruiting event? Borrow one of these attractive 10’X10′ canopies! These are available at no cost, but require a $50 refundable deposit.                                                                                   

Inflatable Gaga Pit

Nothing draws in kids better than Gaga Ball! This inflatable Gaga Pit will fit in a normal car trunk. You will need access to electricity to inflate it on-site. This is available at no cost, but does require a $50 refundable deposit.

Cub Scout Activity Trailer

This 25′ trailer has everything you need to put on an awesome recruiting activity day. We’ll deliver it to your recruiting site! The cost per day is $100.


Vortex Recruiting Bus

This 30′ bus is covered in awesom scouting images and has 3 exterior tvs to draw folks to your recruiting area. We’ll drive it you you! Cost per day is $50.


Ask me about Scouting t-shirts

These fashionable yet effective T-Shirt are the right fit for your unit while onboarding new families.  It comes in all adult sizes and can be purchased for $10