Scouts BSA Camping

Outdoor adventure is a promise made to boys and girls when they join Scouting.  Today, the amount of time kids spend outside is alarmingly low…only minutes per day! Through Scouting, our goal is to get our Scouts outside where they have the opportunities to canoe, hike, shoot, swim and just be Scouts.

Why is this important?  In the outdoors, boys and girls have opportunities to learn skills that they can’t get anywhere else.  Here they find inspiration, learn teamwork, and become leaders.  Learning by doing is a hallmark of outdoor education and Scouting wrote the book.  As always, thanks for investigating a CRC Scouts BSA camping opportunity and GO SCOUTING!


Here in Connecticut, we have four amazing properties and 2 Scouts BSA Resident Camps scattered across the state – each with it’s own unique opportunities.  Scouts can earn merit badges along their advancement trail or experience our premier programs such as; climbing and ATV riding, pistol shooting and aquatics – our camps have what you’re looking for! 

June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation

  • Week 1: June 27-July

  • Week 2: July 4-July 10

  • Week 3: July 11- July 17

  • Week 4: July 18- July 24

  • Week 5: July 25- July 31

  • Week 6: Aug.1-Aug. 7

  • Week 7: Aug.8-Aug.14 * special week

Camp Mattatuck

  • Week 1: July 4-July 10 Mattatuck
  • Week 2: July 11- July 17 Mattatuck
  • Week 3: July 18- July 24 Mattatuck
  • Week 4: July 25- July 31 Mattatuck
  • Week 5: Aug.1-Aug. 7 Mattatuck

Specialty Weeks

June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation

Trail to Eagle Week #1                                   Week 1 

Ranger’s Camp                                              Week 2

Trail to Eagle Week #2                                   Week 6 

Apprentice, Automotive & Trades Camp        Week 7 

The Marksman: Shooting Sports Skills          Week 7 

All things Robotics & Technology                   Week 7  

All things Helmets & Harnesses                     Week 7  

All things Water, Maritime & Aquatics            Week 7  

All things Biking, Berms & BMX                     Week 7  

Fish Camp                                                      Week 7 

Chief Pre: Cooking Techniques Camp            Week 7 

ATV Adventure Camp                                     Week 7  

Fire Service Exploring Camp                          Week 6 

Camp Mattatuck

2021 Specialty Weeks at Mattatuck!

Week 2 STEM 


Week 3 Trail to Eagle 


Adventure Week 

 July 25th – July 31st


Workcoeman Adventures

Workcoeman Adventures: Brand new for 2021, Workcoeman Adventures is a summer long series of single day camps geared towards scouts of all ages.  Each day is a new opportunity to explore your interests.  Program will run daily (Tuesday-Thursday, Weekends) from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM and will focus on one specific merit badge, adventure, or award.  Weeks will be themed to ensure scouts get the most out of their experience. To Find out more go to our Workcoeman Adventure page by clicking HERE!


Scouts BSA Day Camp

A new Scouts BSA Day Camp will be offered at Camp Mattatuck and JN Webster each week that we offer cub day camp. This program is designed for new Webelos crossovers and new Scouts that might not be comfortable going away to camp all week. It is also good for that Scout that has other obligations like a summer job and still wants to earn merit badges. Each Scout will be placed in a patrol under the leadership of a Scoutmaster on staff at each camp. Scouts will have the opportunity to sign up for merit badges while at camp.

Fee: $275 per week (includes lunch in the dining hall)

Bussing available for $50 per week. (see website for bus route information)



March 15th:         Deposits of $50 per Scout due

May 1st:                Early Bird fee of $450 per Scout due (includes deposit)

After May 1:       regular fee of $475 per Scout (includes deposit)

June 15th:             Late fee of $495 (webelos cross-overs will remain at the early bird rate of $450)

JNW’s Facebook Page click HERE

Camp Mattatuck’s Facebook Page click HERE


The Connecticut Rivers Council makes an effort to see that all Scouts have the chance to benefit from the programs offered at our three Camps. Should a Scout’s family be in a financial situation where assistance is needed, they may apply for a campership. Please know that camperships do not cover the full cost of registration, and are subject to approval by the Campership Committee. 

Every few years, the BSA updates its Annual Health and Medical Record after consulting with health care professionals, Scout executives, council and camp health officers and other experts to ensure it is up-to-date and helpful.

This was one of those years, meaning a new form is available for everyone to use for 2020. Your AHMR is valid through the end of the 12th month after the date it was administered by your medical provider. For example, if you got your physical on Nov. 3, 2019, it’s valid until Nov. 30, 2020.

Next year will be a transition year, so you can use either the old or new form, but everyone in all Scouting programs must use the updated AHMR form starting Jan. 1, 2021. The old form will be obsolete at that date. So, the BSA recommends using the new form on your next physical exam or if you’re a new participant in 2020.  

The state of Connecticut requires additional paperwork that we named part D.  The complete form for Connecticut Camps can be downloaded by clicking the button below. 

***All Scouters (Adult Volunteers) and eligible Scouts are strongly encouraged to get the vaccine early & prior to attending summer camp so that they are fully vaccinated by the time they arrive at camp.