NESA & Alumni

“Eagle Scouts are one of our country’s greatest resources for good.”

– Frank Tsuru, President of the National Eagle Scout Association

In a given year the Connecticut Rivers Council Troops have 250-350 Scouts graduate to the rank of Eagle in a calendar year. They join one of the most presitgious fraternies there is.  They make up a big part of the whole BSA Scouting Alumni grouping.  Each year both the NESA (National Eagle Scout Association) and the BSA Alumni onboard hunderds of Scouters and keep Scouters engaged in the worlds biggest youth development organization.   To check out these organizations click the buttons below. 

Connecticut Rivers Council NESA & Alumni Group

Here in the Connecticut Rivers Council we are currently building up our NESA and Alumni groups.   We have an annual Eagle Scout call out called “Soaring with the Eagles” and an Eagle Publication that is printed every year highlighting Eagles in the Council.  See below for the Eagle Publications.

Click Here for the Eagle Scouts included in Vol I 2021 of Soaring with the Eagles

We also have Eagle Dinners that happen in a few districts the next one is on 1/13/2022 done by the Charter Oak District.  Click HERE to find out more. Also to support Scouting in the Councl you can purchase specialized Connecituct Rivers Council Eagle Patches HERE!