Simple. Commission Structure.

Simple. Scout Prizes.

Easy. Distribution.

Focused. Increased Fundraising.


Council Popcorn Support:

Jason Messier, Development Director
860-841-1141 (Cell)

Liz Del Valle, Support Specialist

NEW for 2024

Save time, move popcorn less – option to deliver your unit order to you
New return policy – return all unopened / unsold containers
Unit sale incentive
No required training
Flat Commission Structure
Free Square credit/debit readers – no processing fees
Popcorn sale text reminder and newsletter

Risk Free:

Return unsold product to the Council. 
Zero upfront costs.


38% – Traditional Sale
35% – Online Sale

Important Dates:

Unit Popcorn Order Due – 8/3
Popcorn Pickup / Delivery – 8/14- 8/16


Unit Replenishment Order Due – 9/7
Replenishment Order Pickup – 9/17-9/20


Return Unsold product by – 10/26 


Final Unit Popcorn Order Due – 11/2
Presidential Election Day- 11/4
Final Order Pickup** – 11/13-11/15
**Popcorn Payment Due 

Scout Incentives:

The rewards program provides Scouts with points for every dollar they sell. Scouts can use these rewards to obtain hard-earned prizes via Amazon gift cards.


In addition to the Amazon rewards program, Scout’s hitting $3,500 in sales earn one free week at a Connecticut Rivers Council Resident or Day Camp.

Unit Incentives:

Units new to the popcorn sale can receive three cases of popcorn free from the Council.
Units that increase their 2023 sale by $7,500 can earn their choice of three options: