Council Advancement Committee

Position Name Phone Email
Committee Chair Ray Hrdy 860-416-3984
Staff Advisor Alex Cantor 860-931-2736
Western District:
Chair Frank Magnante 203-501-6662
Chair Bill Morris 203-758-9506
MB Dean Lonny Mo 860-618-0058
Charter Oak District:
Chair Ted Sanford 860-677-6853
Chair Jackie McColgan 860-687-1974
MB Dean Chris Clute 860-214-5648
Member Ron DePietro 860-919-1355
Leaders of the Revolution (LOTR) District:
Chair Allan Oswald 860-870-9013
MB Dean Paulette Washington
Southeastern District:
co-Chair Martin Snyder 860-235-9732
co-Chair Bill Shea 860-883-8588
co-MB Dean Bill Day 860-389-2115
co-Eagle Coordinator Paul Orstad 860-334-6457
Special Needs:
  Sandy Payne 860-857-1108