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How to Register for our Events

247scouting Tips

247scouting by Black Pug Software is Connecticut Rivers Council tool of choice to host the council calendar and event registrations, online trading post, and camp facility reservations. Check out some tips and tricks below to make your online experience even better!

You may sign in as a guest in this system, if you want to create an account which we recommend (especially for unit leaders) it will have to be a new account you create within 247Scouting.  

Did you know that there’s an easy way to import all of your Scouts’ information for super-fast registrations? With the roster feature, you don’t have to re-type phone numbers and email address, or your Scouts’ names, addresses, ranks, and more each and every time you register for an event.

The YouTube video below shows how easy it is to import a roster from an excel file, which you might get from ScoutBook, TroopMaster, or one that your Unit keeps up-to-date. Don’t have an excel file? No problem, you can edit the roster directly online. Enter the information once, and then just fill data with a click in the future! 

You can even maintain multiple rosters. You might have one for your Unit, and one for your family when they attend any of our events! 

For questions or concerns please contact Sean Fogle