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The two most important documents on the road to Eagle are the Eagle Rank Application and the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook.  These two documents appear on many scouting related websites; however, the only acceptable source of these documents is the official scouting website.  You can download both documents using the links at the left.

The Rules

Section 9 of the Guide to Advancement contains valuable information about the processes that are related to the Eagle Rank and should be familiar to all Eagle Coaches and Unit Leaders.

The Process

The Eagle Rank requirements are determined by BSA National and like all advancement requirements cannot be changed by any Council, District or Unit.  The processes for getting Eagle Service Projects approved and reviewed after completion as well as the process for arranging Eagle Boards of Review can and do vary by scouting district.  Contact your District Advancement Chair for your District’s process.

Eagle Service Project

Eagle Service Projects are considered unit activities and Unit Leaders are responsible for ensuring that all Youth Protection and Safe Scouting guidelines are met.   Unit Leaders and Eagle Coaches should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting and the Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations.

Service Project Workbook

Use the link on the left to download the latest version of the Eagle Service Project Workbook.  If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you’ll also need to download and install it. The link to download Acrobat Reader is on the same page as the link to download the service project workbook.

The workbook must be saved to your computer and opened with Acrobat Reader.   Double clicking on a downloaded file opens the file, but not always with Acrobat Reader.  Sometimes, the downloaded pdf file will open inside of a browser. When this happens, changes made to the pdf file cannot be saved.  If this happens to you, open Acrobat Reader first and use the File > Open menu option to open the service project workbook pdf file.