Requesting an Eagle Extension

If a Scout foresees that due to no fault or choice of his or her own, it will be impossible to complete the
Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18 may apply to the local council for a limited time

A New Process for 2021

The process for requesting more time to complete the rank of Eagle Scout was changed effective 1/1/2021 and was released as a series of individual pages that replace the old process described in the current edition of edition of the Guide to Advancement.

Eventually, these pages will be incorporated into the next edition of the guide, but for now, you can find them at  We’ve linked to those pages below:

This is the form that you need to fill out to make a request.  This document references sections and of the Guide to Advancement.  The updated pages below should be used.

Read this form carefully and pay particular attention to the instructions on page 2. A complete request includes more than just this form.  It includes a required letter describing how the three extension tests have been met; statements from people with knowledge of the case and more.  All letters must be dated and must include the name of the author.

This page describes the three tests that must be met before an extension can be granted.

This page describes the process for submitting a request and our Council’s role in processing the request.  The submission process described on this page is a general one and Councils can provide their own detailed submission process.  We have done that in the next section.

Preparing and Submitting Your Request

You should work with your District Advancement Chair to prepare your request.  Their contact information can be found here.

Your District Advancement Chair will submit your request to the Council Advancement Committee and will guide your application through the review process.  Depending on the completeness of your request and the complexity of your case, the Council Advancement Committee may request more information or may conduct interviews with people who have knowledge of the case.

What to Expect

Eagle extension requests take time to process.  The Council Advancement Committee tries to complete each request within two to four week of receiving a well prepared request. 

The Scout should continue working towards their Eagle while their extension request is being reviewed.

Once the review is complete, the petitioner of the request is notified, usually via email, of the Council Advancement Committee’s decision.