Verify/Print Youth Protection Training

The date of your most recent Youth Protection Training (YPT) can be found in your account.  You can also print your YPT training certificate from there.  Follow the steps below to learn the date of your last Youth Protection Training, when that training will expire and to print or download your training certificate.

1) Login to your account.

2) In the upper right corner, click on the person icon and then click on, “My Training”

3) You should see a screen similar to this:

a) The red arrows point out important information.  You can see if your YPT is active or expired.  You can see the date your YPT will expire and you can click on “Retake Course” to retake Youth Protection Training, as needed.

b) The red circle outlines a printer icon.  If you click on the printer icon, a new browser tab opens (see image below) containing a pdf file that you can then print to a printer or download to your computer.  You might want to download the certificate to attach it to an email.

c) The down icon (left red arrow, below) allows you to download the pdf containing your certificate.

d) The printer icon (right red arrow, below) allows you to print the certificate on your printer.

e) This screen may vary depending upon how pdf files are configured to display in your local browser, but the ability to download or print the pdf file will most likely be available.