University of Scouting

Join us on March 9th for a full day of University of Scouting! 

The University of Scouting serves as a valuable educational hub for scouting leaders at all levels of experience. For those who are new to scouting, it offers fundamental training, covering essential principles, leadership skills, and organizational aspects. This foundational knowledge helps inexperienced leaders build a solid understanding of the fundamentals of scouting.

Simultaneously, the university recognizes the ongoing learning needs of seasoned scouting veterans. It provides advanced courses and workshops tailored to address the evolving challenges and responsibilities that experienced leaders may encounter. These advanced offerings ensure that veteran leaders stay abreast of new trends and methodologies in scouting.

The collaborative nature of the University of Scouting fosters an environment where both novice and seasoned leaders can share insights, best practices, and experiences. This exchange of knowledge creates a dynamic learning space that benefits leaders at all stages of their scouting journey. Whether you’re just starting or bringing years of experience, the University of Scouting is a comprehensive resource, promoting continuous growth and development for scouting leaders to effectively guide and inspire the next generation of scouts.