ScoutREACH is Connecticut Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America’s traditional Scouting program delivered in a non-traditional way to youth from hard-to-serve communities in urban areas where the benefits of Scouting is needed, and historically difficult to provide. ScoutREACH is our commitment to making sure that every child has an opportunity to be a Scout, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or ethnic background. The organized program provides a safe environment for youth with positive adult role models who teach kids about healthy living, introduce future career opportunities, and reinforce character development.

ScoutREACH programs are delivered as an after-school program with the help of the school staff and our Program Managers. Each program is custom fit to the needs of the school or organization. Programs are based upon a school calendar and run September to June, with an opportunity to connect in July for Challenge Camp.

It is our desire to have as many youth participate in ScoutREACH as possible. These boys and girls also have the opportunity to attend 6 special Scouting activities throughout the year through the Connecticut Rivers Council’s ScoutREACH program. These events include Challenge Camp, Haunt-O-Ree, Wild West Roundup, Scout Swim Day, Pinewood Derby Car race, and the Fishing Derby.

ScoutREACH centers around a well-defined program based on values, learning-by-doing, fun, and positive role models. Ethics and values within a group environment– discipline, respect, citizenship, self-image, ethical decisions — are built in to most activities in a fun and enriching ways. Programs can include guest speakers from the community, various occupations; visits to police and/or fire stations, hospitals, zoos, parks; field trips to local attractions; athletic and cultural events; and at-home family activities. Along the way, boys are given rewards in the form of pizza parties, refreshments, certificates, badges/patches/ribbons/buttons, in addition to interaction with adults. The program includes physical fitness activities, health/hygiene study, civic issues, citizenship, family values, laws/rules/regulations, our flag, other cultures and many more subjects that build self esteem and strong personal values.

Willimantic Model

The Windham Region Chamber of Commerce has graciously partnered with Connecticut Rivers Council to bring ScoutREACH to the children of Windham and the City of Willimantic. Dedicated to developing upstanding citizens and the leaders of tomorrow, the Chamber is committed to the mission of the BSA by assisting in delivering its program to all the schools throughout the region. Please consider aiding the mission by choosing one of the following Sponsorship Levels:

Sponsorship Levels

$2,276 – Supports one ScoutREACH school for one year.

$1,450 – Sends 45 children to all 6 ScoutREACH program activities.

$1,100 – Lets 115 children participate in ScoutREACH for one year.

$450 – Allows 45 children to have uniforms for one year.

$247 – Will support one child to participate in Challenge Camp for one week.

$102 – Provides meals for one child while at Challenge Camp.