Spring 2024 Recruiting Passport

Cub Scouting is the life blood of life blood of all Scouting programs and strong Cub recruiting is the key the continued success of Scouting. 

Our Goal is to recruit 1500 new Cub Scouts this year and we need everyone to pitch in and help.  

Complete 4 of the 6 items below by June 30th, 2024 and qualify for a $50 credit towards a cabin rental at a CRC property.


Click here for the scoring sheet and further details

  • Recruit 5 new Scouts and a new adult leader into your pack.
    *Hint – If 15 new kids come, 30% will fill out an app! *
  • Invite your scouts to “bring a buddy” and try to “save a scout” that fell off the charter last winter.
  • Reach out to your District Executive to coordinate school flyers to promote your join night.

Joining Night Checklist
Sign-up Night Playbook
Ultimate Guide to Cub Scout Recruiting

Set your Pack up to qualify for the Summertime Award by holding three pack events during the summer months. (Fishing, hiking, community service etc.)

The Council Partner Pack Program is designed to strengthen the bonds between our Packs and Troops. Reach out to a Troop and ask them to help with your recruitment and program!

Contact a league commissioner to set up a flag ceremony, service project, or flier distribution at the snack bar.

Work with your local community to use the CT Rivers Adopt-A-School program.

Use a creative method – in addition to fliers in the school- to get the word out about your unit or an event you have planned. Printed/social media is an effective way to do this! Suggested ideas include: Parades, bake sales, festivals, community service projects, bring a buddy.