Merit Badge Counselor List in Scoutbook

Scoutbook's Merit Badge Counselor List is Updated Daily

The merit badge counselor list that appears in Scoutbook is automatically updated from the master list that is maintained by our council.  This updating usually occurs daily.

Misleading Information In Scoutbook

Before the automatic updating of the merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook, we had to manually import merit badge counselors.  The last time we performed a manual import was 9/1/2020.  Unfortunately, after switching to automatic updates, Scoutbook continues to show the last manual import date at the bottom of the “My Account” page.  You should ignore this date.  We don’t have the ability to remove it and we’re working with the Scoutbook people to get it removed, but these changes take time.

Rest assured, the merit badge counselor list that is shown in Scoutbook is usually never more than one or maybe two days old.