Adopt-A-School Program


The BSA Adopt-a-School program is an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout units with their associated schools. Participating scouting units then partner with school administrators to offer volunteer services that meet their school’s needs, which may include grounds beautification, teacher appreciation, clean-up before or after school events, or help during festivals and carnivals. 

Project Scope

The BSA Adopt-a-School Program is an initiative designed to help improve the relationship between our schools and our scouting units. In many cases, we do not have adequate access to our schools for promotion and recruitment.  This program is designed to help break down these barriers and help units develop strong relationships within their communities.  

BSA Adopt-a-School is a process by which we can begin to address the breakdown in relationships between Scouting and the school systems we serve.  It truly is a win-win situation for both Scouting and our schools.

How it works

Community service is one of the primary pillars of the Scouting experience. As the world changes, the need for community service grows. Through the Boy Scouts of America and the Adopt-a-School program, we can help alleviate this need by having Scouting units partner with their local schools throughout Connecticut!

The Adopt-a-School Program cultivates relationships with your troop or pack and your local school. Scouts learn the importance of giving back while taking ownership and pride in their school.

By developing a relationship with their local school, units commit to performing four projects throughout the calendar year to enhance the school grounds, or the program and functions of the school community.

Project Ideas

  Grounds Beautification

   Building Improvement

    Giving Tree Coordination

   Helpers during Festivals

    Book Drive Coordination

   Food Drive Coordination

    Green Effort Coordination

   Literacy Program

   Teacher Appreciation

   Cleaning up after School Events

How does a unit sign up?

Click on this link, and fill out the google form. On your first visit you will confirm your commitment. On each subsequent visit you will be able to input up to four completed projects.

Projects completed as a part of the Adopt-A-School Program can also be counted as service hours as long as they are entered into Internet Advancement! 

Each unit will be given a 10″ x 14″ white acrylic sign to proudly proclaim that they have adopted their school!  These signs should be displayed at the schools to indicate that a unit has adopted that school. At the end of the yearly commitment, each scout will receive a patch

aas patch
Program Completion Patch for 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is open for all Cub Scout Packs, Scouts BSA Troops, Venture Crews, and Sea Scout Ships.

We welcome all schools to reach out and find a unit to partner with! Simply click on the Sign Up Today Button, or follow this link and sign up.

Follow the instructions on the form specifically for this situation!

We suggest a year’s commitment, but our hope is to build a strong, sustained relationship with your school.

The unit pledges to complete four projects or activities per year, but if you would like to do more, that would be encouraged and supported.

Thanks to the efforts of our Honorary Chairperson, a letter has been sent to every superintendent in the Council. We expect that the school representatives will be receptive and highly cooperative in helping to outline the projects that will best satisfy those needs.

Here are a few potential project ideas to get you started, but our preference is to let your school’s specific needs determine how you serve.

Grounds beautification, Building improvements, Giving tree coordination, Teacher appreciation, Helpers during festivals, Book Drive coordination, Cleaning up after school events, Green effort coordination, Literacy program and Food Drive coordination.

We recommend that your unit’s contact person be the person who has the strongest connection to your local school.

It is highly likely that the school administration will be awaiting your call, thanks to the effort of our Honorary Chairperson! We would encourage you to contact the principal first, then involve teachers and the PTA/ PTO on an as-needed basis.

Yes, but we hope both parties will do everything possible to honor the one-year pledge.

Yes, we strongly encourage units to input their service hours into the Online Advancement link, and utilize the Journey to Excellence workbooks to track service hours.

When the unit completes a project follow this link and choose the appropriate project number to record. And then go to Internet Advancement and record the information there as well!

Certainly! Although ideally we recommend that all units have the opportunity to participate in the program, we realize that there are certain units that come draw from multiple school districts. 

Adopt-a-School Honorary Chairperson
Superintendent Valerie Bruneau
Adopt-a-School Committee Chairperson
Deb Wright