Winter Adventure

Camp Mattatuck 

Mattatuck Winter Experience 

March 14th

  • Polar Cubs 
    • Citizenship and Community activities focused on completing the adventures around citizenship and the community for each rank 
    • Include BB, Archery, other daily activities in the rotation ( winter hikes and sledding)  
  • Scouts BSA 
    • First Class adventure – Designed to help our new crossovers or younger scouts gain some skills. 
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Spring Fling

May 8th

  • Fishing Derby 
  • Scouts BSA COPE Day

Camp Kinda-Like-A 


April 12- 16th

April Vacation Camp

JN Webster Scout Reservation

Polar Adventure

Calling all Polar Cubs for this exciting new adventure.  Each month this winter we will be offering awesome activities for Cubs and friends!   We will be working on Craft adventures, BB, Archery, and winter activities and possibly sledding.   Each Saturday will run from 9am-3pm and lunch will be provided.   Indoor activities will be available to warm up but please dress for the weather. For check in, please bring a Health Form parts A-B as well as the Covid questionnaire.

Polar Cubs

March 13, 2021 

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 Saturday May, 8th

Fishing Derby

Camp Workcoeman

Winter Adventure

March 6th 

Winter Adventure Day for Scouts BSA

The Workcoeman Winter Adventure

Snow in the forecast and freezing temperatures signal one thing – Spend time at Workcoeman before the ice thaws!

Get outside and take advantage of a day at camp, experiencing some of our cooler activities.

*Earn Fishing merit badge while learning how to ice fish

*Complete Search and Rescue merit badge, tracking a lost camper through the snow

*Take a snowshoe hike through the woods of Workcoeman to earn Snow Sports merit badge

*Test your skills on top of the lake with Skating merit badge (Participants must bring their own ice skates)

*Give it your best shot with a day of instruction at the shooting ranges for Rifle and Shotgun merit badges


Merit badge classes run 9am-4pm. Warming stations will be available in nearby cabins, but instruction and activities will be outside. All activities are weather dependent and participants should dress appropriately for cold weather events. Skating merit badge participants must provide their own ice skates. Snowshoes will be provided for Scouts in Snow Sports merit badge. For current health considerations, class sizes will have a maximum of 10 Scouts each. Lunch will be provided.

– Fishing

– Search and Rescue

– Snow Sports

– Skating

– Shotgun Shooting

– Rifle Shooting


March 6th Winter Cub Extravaganza

Arrival 10:00am- Departure 2:00pm/ Lunch Provided/ Warming Stations Provided

*Fun in the snow TUBING & SLEDDING down the mountain

*Enjoy a hie along the edges of FROZEN WEST HILL POND

*Give it your best shot with a day of instruction at the BB range



Workcoeman Crafts and Skills Experience” 

Saturday, April 24. 9:00-4:00

*Weave your way through Basketry merit badge

*Sharpen your skills in Wood Carving merit badge 

*Lace and stitch in earning Leatherwork, 

*Fabricate your skills in Metalwork merit badge 

*Thread your way in earning Plumbing merit badge

Participant fee $35- all materials will be provided  

The cub event will be “Cub Scout Heritage and Skills Adventure” It will consist of Native American Lore (Beat the Drum), Pocket Knife Safety, BB Shooting and Archery. Will run from 10:00- 2:00 PM

* Earn Cub Adventures in Native American Customs (Beat the Drum, etc)

* Learn Pocket Knife Safety

“Take aim” on the BB and Archery Ranges

Lunch will be provided.  

Participant fee- $30

Adult fee $10