Spring Adventure

Camp Mattatuck 

Mattatuck Spring Experience 

May 8th

  • Fishing Derby 

Camp Kinda-Like-A 

April Vacation Camp

April 12- 16th

For Cubs and their friends, we are excited to offer a week’s experience in April that combines a traditional program with a virtual experience!  Each week we will offer different rank-appropriate adventures and activities.  So get ready to hop into your machine and enjoy a week of adventure

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Camp Kinda Like A is back!

For one week in April, you can virtually earn merit badges!

The session runs April 12th – 16th 

For Scouts BSA, we will have your normal Camp merit badge classes and more. Scouts from around the country will make up your patrol, and you will have a fun-filled week working on advancement,  will Scout On this spring in this all virtual program!  

Please pick 3 merit badges to take through-out the week; please be sure they are during different meeting times. 

We are also offering the First Class Adventure from 9-10:30.

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JN Webster Scout Reservation

Spring @ JNW

May 8th

Fishing Derby

Camp Workcoeman

Spring Adventure

April 24th 

Workcoeman Crafts and Skills Experience” 

Saturday, April 24. 9:00-4:00

*Weave your way through Basketry merit badge

*Sharpen your skills in Wood Carving merit badge 

*Lace and stitch in earning Leatherwork, 

*Fabricate your skills in Metalwork merit badge 

*Thread your way in earning Plumbing merit badge

The cub event will be “Cub Scout Heritage and Skills Adventure” It will consist of Native American Lore (Beat the Drum), Pocket Knife Safety, BB Shooting and Archery. Will run from 10:00- 2:00 PM

* Earn Cub Adventures in Native American Customs (Beat the Drum, etc)

* Learn Pocket Knife Safety

“Take aim” on the BB and Archery Ranges

Lunch will be provided.