Covid-19 Council Update

Council Operations

Dear Connecticut Rivers Council Scouting Families & Volunteers:

Council: The Connecticut Rivers Council is responding to concerns related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are following recommendations of both national and state Departments of Health, and local Healthcare officials, and we are doing our part in trying to limit the spread of the virus. Effective Monday, September 28th  2020;  We are opening tent camping at our properties starting Oct 8th.  

The office has now reopened on a limited basis. In an effort to limit exposure, our office will be open Tuesday-Thursday 10-5.    We request that members make appointments before coming into the office.  We also request when applicable, business still be conducted via email and phone as much as possible. We anticipate that most members’ needs can be well-served without the need to visit the main office. The contacts for our staff can be found here

Thank you for your flexibility and for considering the health and safety of our staff, members and visitors. We are here to serve you and look forward to assisting with any needs that you have.

UnitsAs of Oct 8th , the current situation is very fluid and is subject to change based on the Governor’s executive orders as well as changes in the pandemic.  If units can follow all of the state guidelines and the National Restart Scouting checklist they may go tent camping. Please inform your chartering org of your camping and activity plans. Also please use our pre-activity questionnaire to help with assessment.   

Please follow the guidelines from the Council’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee:

1.    Remember all aspects of youth protection.

2.    Activity size must be no larger than the outdoor group size allowed by the state (currently 25 indoors and 150 outdoors), counting all adults and youth.

3.    No participants can show evidence of any aspect of illness, nor have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 within the last two weeks. Taking temperatures is required on a daily basis (no participation over 100F).

4.   Updated Carpooling guidelines  click HERE!    

5.   Social distancing no less than 6’ must be observed unless wearing masks.

6.    There can be no shared food or drink.

7.    Only one person per tent when camping

8.    Units must be prepared to, and thoroughly disinfect bathrooms between uses.

9.    Masks must be worn at all times, except while eating.

10.   Any adult or youth becoming ill during the trip needs to be treated as a medical emergency.

11.   Please use the health screening prior to departure. Units are required to use the pre-event    screening check list provided by the National office:

And the re-start scouting check list:

Before going on an overnight, ask yourself and event leaders this:

  • Can we meet all of the criteria in the checklist?
  • Are parents of participants comfortable with their Scouts proceeding as planned?
  • Is your chartered organization ready to approve your Troop’s participation in this event?

For more information on State Covid-19 Guidelines check the link below for the State of Connecticut advisory.

As we learn more information from government agencies, we will keep you updated.  Please stay current with CDC & local Health Department guidelines as they may change rapidly in the future. Check back to the Connecticut Rivers Council Facebook page, sign up for our newsletter the CT Scouter, and here on the Council website.up

If you have a Scout or Scouter that has been exposed to Covid-19 or you know of a new miss, please fill out the BSA incident report.  It can be found HERE 

Scout Shop

With the Scout Shop also reopening their guidelines and procedures are outlined on the Scout Shop page which can be found HERE!

At Home Scouting

We recognize it’s been hard for Scouting to continue with the current conditions we are facing.  To be an assistance we have put together several resources to help you and your Scout/s to keep having Scouting adventures even in your home.  Check on our Scout On page in the link below or adventures can also found under the resources tab at Home Scouting!

At Home Scouting